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Auto Finesse Verso is our concentrated all purpose cleaner and degreaser that boast a wide range of cleaning abilities, both interior cleaning and external cleaning whilst offering great value for money. Verso is perfect for interior cleaning such as; carpet cleaning, fabric cleaning an rubber cleaning and external cleaning such as; engine cleaning, door jambs, wheel arches, tires and convertible hoods. Simply choose the recommended dilation ratio that suits your needs and follow the guidelines in the How to use section.

Interior cleaning: 10:1 Simply spray Verso onto a microfiber cloth and wipe the area clean. If more cleaning power is required introduce a soft detailing brush. Spray Verso onto the selected area and agitate with the soft brush. Once Verso is worked in, use a microfiber cloth to reveal a factory fresh look.

Fabric and carpet deep cleaning: 7:1 Spray Verso onto the carpets or fabric that require cleaning. Allow dwelling for Verso to penetrate the dirt before using a carpet brush or detailing brush to agitate the area. Once agitated wipe or vacuum the area clean.

Wheels, tires, and wheel arch cleaning: 5:1 Apply Verso to the wheel, tire and arch and allow dwelling. Then come back with a wheel brush to agitate any hard on grime, brake dust, or grease. Be sure to also agitate the Verso that was sprayed onto the tire and arch. This will ensure any old dressings are removed, ready for a fresh coat of Satin and Dressle. Once Verso is worked in, simply rinse clean and allow to dry, or use a microfiber cloth to dry the area.

Heavy degreasing: 1:1 for engine cleaning and doorjambs, spray Verso onto the dirty area. Next come back with the relevant brush to agitate the all-purpose cleaner. Then rinse the area with fresh water. However do not let Verso dry on warm engines or in direct sun light.

Verso also works well on external cleaning such as plastic trims, rubber seals and bumper parts. This will ensure that the trim is fully clean before a dressing such as Revive or Dressle is used. This will allow the dressing to bond to the selected trim or seal, intern offering better durability and protection.

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