• Buff & Shine Uro Cell Foam Pads 6"

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Buff and Shine Red Uro-Cell Pads - for final finishing and wax/sealant application. These pads are made of dense finishing Euro foam that yields great chemical dispersion for even results. The pads have low "mechanical" ability, meaning they produce minimal action on the paint. Thus they are excellent for final finishing using finishing or swirl-removing polish, without worry of adding any swirls or orbital haze.  They are also excellent for applying protective products like wax or sealant to the paint surface once the buffing and polishing steps are done.

Technicians are reporting amazing results with less time using the URO-CELL Foam Pads with their favorite polishes and compounds.  There is a reason for this.  The URO-CELL pads use closed-cell foams, which has several benefits.  First, closed-cell foam greatly reduces absorption of chemical, so that the chemical remains in contact with the paint surface much longer.  This yields more efficient buffing and quicker paint correction times.

Another benefit of closed-cell foam is chemical savings.  Because the polishing or compounding chemical does not readily soak up into the foam, less product is required to do the same amount of work.  Less saturation of chemical into the foam pad results in less wasted product!  And buffing technicians find that because the product is not soaking into the pad, the performance of the pad and chemical is consistent for a longer period of time between re-applications of product--that is, it takes longer for the dollop of product to "wear out".

Yet another benefit is that these pads work fantastic with newer water-borne, VOC compliant, or "high water content" detailing chemicals.  The pads bring out the best performance from these products, providing even dispersion across the pad and the vehicle surface.

Since the chemical is not soaked into the pad, the pads are very easy to clean.  Cleaning is as simple as washing with water or you can use your favorite pad-washer, or throw several used pads in a washing machine for safe cleaning.

By nature of their manufacture, all URO-CELL foam pads have high tensile strength, which means they are highly resistant to tears and break-down.  You will find that these pads last longer than other pads you might have used.  And, of course, because Buff and Shine uses only high-performance adhesives, separation of the foam from the backing material is not likely, even with extended use and multiple washings.

One note of caution:  with rotary (high-speed) polishers, you might notice a bit more sling than you are used to with other pads.  Again, this is because the pads are not absorbing product.  The simple solution for this is to start with far less chemical than you normally do.  You will notice that the product-pad combination still gives you increased performance, even though you are using less chemical.  Thus, you are saving money in chemical costs!  It will just take a small adjustment time for you to figure out the proper amount of chemical to use with these pads in order to reduce or eliminate sling.

NOTE: 6 inch Buff and Shine Uro-Cell Pads have a 6 inch face diameter with a 5 inch back diameter - a 5 inch backing plate should be used with this pad.

Designed to work especially well with direct drive and dual action orbital polishers, Buff and Shine Uro-Cell Pads are available in three compounding/polishing levels:

Blue Uro-Cell Heavy Cutting Pad
Perfect for heavy paint correction, Buff and Shine Uro-Cell Heavy Cutting Pad will bring out levels of performance from your favorite compound that you have never seen before. With the closed cell foam technology, your cutting ability will be faster and more consistent. Use the Buff and Shine Blue Uro-Cell Heavy Cutting Pad to remove heavy oxidation, swirls and scratches.
Orange Uro-Cell Polishing Pad 
Use Buff and Shine Orange Uro-Cell Polishing Pads for light paint correction and polishing. The light cutting ability provides a nice finish after using the Buff and Shine Blue Uro-Cell Heavy Cutting Pad. Use with your favorite swirl remover for quick paint polishing, or with a polish to shine paint to perfection.
Red Uro-Cell Finishing Pad
Perfect for applying your final finish wax or sealant, Buff and Shine Red Uro-Cell Finishing Pad has no cutting ability and finishes your paint to a high shine. Apply last step products like paste waxes, liquid waxes, and paint sealants using the Red Uro-Cell Finishing Pad.