• Cobra Clay Mitt

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The Cobra Clay Mitt follows the next evolution of the clay bar. By using a synthetic, rubberized coating that mimics traditional clay bars, you save yourself the hassle that comes with traditional clay bars. The Cobra Clay Mitt fits right over your hand, just as a regular wash mitt would, giving the user an increased hold and lowering the chances of dropping it. But if you do drop it, don’t fear! You can simply rinse and get right back to work!

The Cobra Clay Mitt is strong enough to be considered a “medium grade” contaminant remover, but is also gentle enough on paint to be considered a “fine grade” as well. You won’t have to worry about having multiple different clays and clay mitts since Cobra Clay Mitt will do both jobs for you!

The Cobra Clay Mitt is made of soft microfiber on one side, with the rubberized coating on the other. The opening of the mitt is trimmed with a satin finish to ensure your paint is not marred or scratched while washing. Cobra Clay Mitt features a satin loop, allowing you to hang your mitt to dry.

Directions for use:

  1. Do not use Cobra Clay Mitt in direct sunlight, or on hot surfaces. Surface should be cool to the touch.
  2. Using a high lubricity shampoo, make your water and shampoo mix in a 5 gallon bucket. Alternatively, you can also use a quick detailer or dedicated clay lubricant and use the Cobra Clay Mitt on it's own.
  3. After rinsing the surface about to be washed with water (to remove any surface dirt and dust) simply rub the Cobra Clay Mitt over the surface of the panel using light pressure. Start on the roof of the car and work your way down, spreading the suds as you go.
  4. When washing is complete, rinse with water and dry car.