• Lake Country HD Orbital Pads 7”

  • $19.99

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Designed specifically for "long stroke" machines like the Rupes this new system of pads was carefully designed, fabricated, and rigorously tested to focus on creating the ultimate in foam pad systems!  

Construction of Pad

  • Dual-Density – Multi-Density design maintains optimum surface contact eliminating a “concaving effect” which extends use on Long Stroke machines
  • Engineered bevel - Engineered angle design prevents pad “rolling,” allowing pad to stay flat on the surface
  • Cooling Features
  • Cool Running - Runs 10% COOLER on Long Stroke machines than comparable pads
  • Cooling Chamber - Prevents center of pad from concaving


  • Perfectly balanced pad for optimum control
  • Increased stability from Dual Density design allows improved control on curved panels
  • Less foam movement minimizes haze and micro marring
  • Pad design allows for quick cleaning and drying

Choose Grade

  • Blue – Cutting
  • Orange – Polishing
  • Red – Finishing