HD UNO 16 oz


HDUNO is the latest in dual mode correction technology that can cut moderate paint defects such as deep car wash swirls, marring and oxidation all while producing high polished finish. Specially engineered European Nano-abrasives &lubricants make defect correction and surface removal extremely easy.

Achieve incredible results even in direct sunlight. HD UNO can be used with your choice of Rotary, Dual Action or Forced Rotation correction machines and will produce ZERO dust. Body Shop safe and contains no wax or fillers. HDUNOs versatile non-diminishing abrasive technology allows the user the ability to control level of Cut & Polish by varying the pad type. No other polishing compound can deliver such a broad spectrum of capabilities.

Can also be used on headlights, fiberglass, RVs, boats, and airplanes. Safe to use on fresh paint.


Shake Well Before Use. Select a cutting pad of your choice. For best results use HD® Pads. Apply 6-8 pea-sized drops to the pad for initial priming and work on a 2 by 2 area. After each pass, clean pads with compressed air, pad spur or your choice of cleaning tool. Follow up with 3-4 pea sized drops for additional passes cleaning your pad after each pass.


*Optimal Rotary Buffer range of 1000-1800 RPM.

*DA Orbital set to 6000 OPM.

Use moderate to firm pressure, let the machine, cutting pad and HD UNO do all the hard work. Make several slow overlapping passes until desired results are obtained. Mist panel with HD Touch and wipe using a clean dry microfiber towel. Repeat as necessary. To reach ultimate gloss and defect-free finish, follow-up using HD POLISH.