• Lake Country Hybrid Power Finish Foam Pad 5"

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Hybrid foams are specially engineered with small cells and dense construction to keep the abrasives in the chemicals close to the surface of the pad.

  • Faster correction time as more polish stays on the working surface rather than being absorbed into the pad.
  • 45 degree bevel on the backside of the pad protects the backing plate from contact with the working surface while maintaining consistent pressure across the pad.
  • Velcro backing fits perfectly on the 4" backing plate that is part of Lake Country's Flex XC 3401 VRG Changeable Backing Plate System.
  • Size: 5" x 1.25"

Available Grades

Heavy Cutting

Hybrid Orange foam cuts faster and more uniformly than other foam cutting pads while leaving a defect free finish.

Light Cutting

Hybrid Blue foam formulation enables pad to remove lighter defects quickly without compromising the finish.


Hybrid White foam formulation is designed for use with polishes and cleaner waxes to remove swirls and minor defects.


Hybrid Yellow foam formulation is for designed for removal of light imperfections with a light polish or cleaner wax.


Hybrid Black foam is soft but responsive to complete the final step with waxes, sealants or glazes for a superior finish.