• Leather Master Leather Protection & Cleaner Kit 150 ml + Ink Lifter

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This kit contains products specially designed for cleaning and protecting your car leather interior. 

Regular use of these fine products will help to keep the original grade of sheen and softness of your leather. 

Leather Soft Cleaner is an antibacterial, water based cleaner, effective and easy to use. It also removes odors, Leather Soft Cleaner cleans most soiling and stains.

Leather Protection Cream gives excellent protection against most stains. It's water-and oil repellent effect is particularly suitable for Cabriolet leather interior.

These Products do not contain solvents or other dangerous substances but nevertheless:

  • Keep out the reach of children.  

Kit Contains 150 ml Leather Protection Cream
, 150 ml Leather Soft Cleaner
, 8 ml Ink Away, 
1 Soft Cloths, 1 Sponge, 
1 Brochure

*** Do not use on suede/nubuck

*** For Leather Types A & P

Protected Leather (P)

Also called Finished, semi-anilne, everyday, pigmented or painted - Cleaning Code (P)

These leathers have combined the best aspects of a natural product (leather) and have utilized tannery technology to create a product that is more uniform in appearance and colour (due to the application of pigments to the surface).  It then has a finish applied to the surface that makes the leather more resistant to the effects of heavy use.  The pigments and finish applied to the leather do affect the softness somewhat.  The more finish that is applied the less soft is the leather.

What determines the amount of pigment and finish needed is:

  • The colour of the leather (all light colours require more pigment to cover the surface).
  • The selection of the leather (lower grade selection requires more mechanical correction)
  • The desired level of resistance the finish needs (automotive requires the highest)
  • Protected leathers are the most common leathers and for most consumers the most practical.

Aniline Leathers (A)

Also called Natural, Pure, Naked or Unprotected - Cleaning Code (A) 

Cleaning these leathers are coloured with transparent dye stuff.  This means that you are able to see the actual surface grain and markings.  It is as if you are looking through a coloured lens.  These leathers have very little or no protective treatments applied to them.  The most common thing to do is to spray a wax finish on the surface that gives short term water repellance.  The actual way that the leather is made varies from tannery to tannery.

Nubuck Leather (N)

Also called distressed, bomber or brushed - Cleaning Code (N)

This leather starts out as an aniline leather which the surface has been brushed or sanded, and have created a texture similar to velvet on leather.  Many people confuse these with suede leather.  Suede is the flesh side of a piece of leather and nubuck is an effect that is done to the grain side, making it incredibly soft. Creating a nap on the leather makes it even more absorbent than aniline leathers