• Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2500 32 oz

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Menzerna Medium Cut Polish one polish designed to produce a fantastic gloss in less time than a two step polish process. Designed for the OEM market, Medium Cut Polish delivers a shine like Nano Polish with a cutting ability approaching Super Intensive Polish. Eliminate imperfections and rev up the gloss in just one step!

Menzerna Medium Cut Polish is made for the OEM market as a quick way to polish out light flaws and amplify the paint’s gloss. It has the cutting ability just a step below Super Intensive. This will remove moderate to mild swirls, water spots, and light scratches. Then Menzerna Medium Cut Polish does something amazing – it burnishes the paint to an ultra high gloss, like you’d expect from Nano Polish. For busy detailers, Menzerna Medium Cut Polish saves time and money by doing the work of two products.

Menzerna medium Cut Polish is an everyday detailing product. It removes the light to mid-range imperfections that plaque most vehicles and then leaves a silky smooth gloss. Menzerna Medium Cut Polish and a wax are often all you need to restore a deep gloss to the paint.

Note: Menzerna Medium Cut Polish is the new version of Menzerna Power Finish PF-2500. Menzerna has changed the name and label, but it is the same product you know and love.