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The Nanoskin Autoscrub Towel can replace the need for a clay bar by easily and safely removing surface contamination. This new process is much quicker than using the traditional clay bar and you will get the same great clean surface upon completion.

The microfiber towel has a special rubber polymer coating on one side that actually loosens and removes particles that are stuck to the clear coat. This advanced rubber polymer technology will help remove tree sap, water marks residue, rail dust, road grime and other extra difficult surface contaminants with ease. Always wash the vehicle first as you normally would do to remove the loose contamination. Dry the vehicle and then use the Autoscrub Towel along with a clay lubricant like our Wonder Lube to go over the surfaces to remove the surface pollutants.

When using the Autoscrub Towel you will be amazed at how fast the advanced rubber polymers safely separate and remove contaminants bonded to the vehicle exterior. This means your paint will be exceptionally clean and you can effectively now apply a polish, glaze, sealant or wax afterwards. Use the towel not only on the paint, but the glass, trim moldings, plastics and much more. If you would happen to drop it on the ground, no worries, just rinse the Autoscrub clean with water and its ready to be used again unlike the traditional clay bar!

The Nanoskin Autoscrub Towel gets the job done during the wash up stage. This is one of the most effective ways to deep clean your paint in a very short time period.

Our Medium Duty Towel is best used on vehicles with heavy contaminant build-ups and the Fine Duty Towel is best used on better cosmetically maintained vehicles.

Size: 12" X 12"


  • Use ONLY on clean, cool paint and out of direct sunlight. DO NOT work on the surface below 55°F and over 144°F. Please use in an inconspicuous place for the first time in case of unexpected adverse effects on paint surface.
  • Thoroughly wash vehicle free of dust, sand, and dirt.
  • Dilute GLIDE to desired strength. (16 Oz. makes 1 Gal. RTU.)
  • Mist sufficient GLIDE onto the surface evenly.
  • Polish the surface with light pressure.
  • Wipe off residue with clean dry microfiber towel.
  • NOTE: Sufficient lubrication is crucial to the AUTOSCRUB application.
  • Plain water is NOT an adequate lubricant.
  • DO NOT use with rotary polisher.
  • AUTOSCRUB is not solvent resistant.
  • Remove tar & grease before application

Helpful Tips:

  • The AUTOSCRUB has a protective coating to ensure stability within transportation.
  • To break in the pad, moisten the AUTOSCRUB with desired lubricant.
  • Moisten a portion of window glass or other glass surface. Rub AUTOSCRUB in circular motion against the glass for 30~60 seconds. You may see a white soapy foam. This is the protective sealant coming off. Don’t use until the polymerized rubber is soft and slightly tacky.
  • Cold temperatures may stiffen pad. Warm surface before using.
  • There is a significant difference between NANOSKIN AUTOSCRUB and clay bars. An outstanding machine/advanced polymer combination makes AUTOSCRUB the best contamination removal tool ever.

Compare with clay bars:





Traditional Clay Bars



Application Tool












50~80 times



10~15 times












Temp. Sensitivity



Low to Medium



Medium to High



Use with Lubricant












Fast to remove



Slow to remove



Brake Dust



Fast to remove



Slow to remove



Rail Dust



Fast to remove



Hard to remove



Industrial Pollution



Fast to remove



Slow to remove






Not required







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