• Optimum Opti-Glass Coating 60 cc

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Opti-Glass Coating is designed to chemically bond to silica based surfaces to form a hydrophobic film that provides long-term protection to glass and other silica based surfaces and to increase chip resistance, scratch and mar resistance, and protect from water staining.

Apply when the temperature is between 60°-90° F (15°-30°C). Do not apply in direct sunlight.

  1. Clean and polish the surface as needed.
  2. Wipe down with 15% solution of IPA.
  3. Apply an even amount of OGC to an applicator pad.
  4. Wipe the pad in a circular pattern to get complete coverage.
  5. Allow OGC to dry for 2 minutes and then wipe off the excess. If you do not remove the excess coating, it will harden and will require polishing to remove it.

Net: 60 CC

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