• Optimum Tire Shine 17 oz

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Optimum Tire Shine is a water-based, solvent free, and VOC free formula that provides a medium to high gloss shine on tires and vinyl surfaces. It can be used to protect and dress all tires, wheel wells, interior and exterior trim, and vinyl. This is not Opti-Bond diluted 1:1. Optimum Tire Shine is thicker and has better cling to keep it on your tires. Optimum Tire Shine provides great gloss for tires that lasts weeks with no slinging issues.

Tire manufacturers recommend against solvent-based tire dressings since they can penetrate the tire and leach out and remove their protective UV and ozone components. This will cause browning and premature cracking and failure of tires according to tire manufacturers. Optimum Tire Shine has no chemical solvents and therefore will not cause damage to your tires. Furthermore, Optimum Tire Shine contains the same UV and Ozone protectants that are used in the manufacturing of tires for additional protection against the elements.

Make sure your tires are clean and dry before application. Spray directly onto the tire and allow to penetrate. Wipe away any excess to even the shine.