• OTAS Synthetic Wash Mop

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The perfect cleaning tool for B and C class RVs

So you just bought a new RV and you’re wondering how to wash it. The answer is simple, and it starts with our Synthetic Wash Mop . This super soft acrylic wash mop removes dirt and grime without scratching your RV’s delicate finish.. Pair it with our Wash & Wax RV Shampoo and you’ll have the cleanest RV in town!

Our Synthetic Wash Mop  is not too big or too small; it’s actually the perfect size for a B or C class RV. Why spend a fortune on a big, wide, heavy brush if you don’t need it?The Synthetic Wash Mop might just be what you’ve been looking for!

The Synthetic Wash Mop  features a swiveling head that swivels up to 180 degrees for fast, easy cleaning. The soft acrylic fibers gently remove dirt, grime and road film without scratching your RV. Use with our shampoo and you’ll have plenty of lubrication to ensure your RV remains swirl and scratch free as long as you use it.

The Synthetic Wash Mop  weighs practically nothing, so it’s not going to wear you out before you even finish washing your RV. The handle features several grip areas, making it easy to hold onto with slippery wet hands. 

(Mop only, handle not included)