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Originally packaged with the P21s 100% Carnauba Wax, these easy-grip wax applicators became a hit with users who wanted extra applicators for future use. The P21s Foam Wax Applicators are available in packs of two for easy wax and polish application.

The P21s Foam Wax Applicators have an ergonomic design that is easy to grip without dropping. The finger cutout on each side of the applicator gives you a secure hold. The dense gray foam gives the pad enough height to keep your hands (and fingernails) away from the paint.

This gray foam is not absorbent that keeps the wax in the yellow foam and away from your fingers. Waxy fingers drop applicators so P21s designed this applicator to be nearly un-droppable. But if you do drop it, you have a backup applicator!

Wash and reuse your applicators. Wash used applicators in Snappy Clean Pad Cleaning Powder and air dry. When not in use, keep your P21s Foam Wax Applicators in a re-sealable plastic bag to keep them clean.

Use P21s Foam Wax Applicators to apply P21s waxes and Paintwork Cleansing Lotion. The soft yellow foam is non-abrasive and completely safe on all types of paint. The gray foam gives you a comfortable and clean place to grip the applicators.

2 applicators included.

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