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P21s Polishing Soap revolutionizes metal polishing. Based on technology used by European silversmiths, P21S Polishing Soap is a firm, smooth, clay-based polish that gets applied with its own sponge.  Wet the sponge, draw it across the polishing soap, squeeze sponge to create lather and begin polishing! Rinse with water or allow to dry to haze and buff off. Dulling, rust and corrosion disappear in seconds, many times faster and easier than the "2 finger" polishing that soft pastes have offered for years.  This 10.6 oz. jar outlasts several tubes of polish.  P21s Polishing Soap is safe for use on bare metals such as Stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass, even Chrome.

P21s Polishing Soap is great on exhaust pipes, bumpers, gas tanks, running boards, diamond plate and anywhere else you would typically use a metal polish.

The P21s Polishing Soap is biodegradable, non-toxic, and comes with its own sponge inside the container’s cap.

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