• Sonax Rubber Protectant 100ml

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SONAX Rubber Protectant cleans and maintains rubber car components and maintains their elasticity. Extends working life of the rubber and freshens up the colours. Also effortlessly cleans tyres and floor mats, and restores their original fresh appearance. SONAX's rubber care formula is packaged in a convenient sponge-tipped bottle. When you press the sponge to your rubber surface, the protectant fills up the sponge and applies a neat, even layer onto your rubber seals. No applicators, no mess!

Inside this clever bottle is an excellent rubber preservative. It hydrates rubber components to keep them soft and supple. Healthy rubber forms a weatherproof seal inside your doors and trunk lid to keep noise, heat, or cold out. In addition, SONAX Rubber Protectant prevents freezing so you can open your door no matter what the temperature is outside.

SONAX Rubber Protectant is silicone-free, bio-degradable, and water repellant. Treated rubber will resist diluted acids and alkaline substances. Strong alkaline cleaners will not degrade the protected rubber. It will also resist salt water, which is essential if you live by the ocean.

Use the innovative SONAX Rubber Protectant on all automotive door seals, gaskets and on weatherstripping around doors and windows in your home for maximum resiliency with minimum mess.