Sonus ION Paint Coating 8 oz


Sonus ION Paint Coating is boosted by Polycharger to ensure long lasting protection from UV damage, water spotting, and other environmental and chemical contaminants. This durable formula creates a chemically induced positive charged ION on painted surfaces, which enables strong bonding to painted surface. Sonus ION Paint Coating delivers a deep, wet-looking high-gloss shine while providing up to a year of protection! If you have light oxidation, road grim and/or fine swirl marks, use Menzerna SF 4000 before locking in the protection with Sonus ION Paint Coating.

Key Benefits:

  • Boosted by Polycharger for superior protection
  • Chemically creates a positive ION charge to paint
  • Produces high gloss shine
  • Protects paint from UV damage and water spotting


  • For neglected or oxidized surfaces, first use the appropriate Polish depending on the severity of the paint damage.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Make sure the surface is cool, clean and dry.
  • Apply 2 dime size amounts to a clean dry foam applicator and rub thoroughly onto the surface.
  • Product must be spread thin and allowed 30 minutes or longer to flash, enabling proper bonding to occur.
  • Using a dry microfiber towel, buff off residue.
  • You may experience slight static electricity while removing and witness dust accumulation for first 4 hours due to charge.
  • For an even deeper, wetter-looking shine, additional layers may be applied after 4 hours.
  • Note: Before locking in long lasting protection, use Sonus SFX-2 Enhance Swirl Remover to remove oxidation and swirls and for a crystal clear finish complete the process with Sonus SFX-3 Final Finish Polish.

Recommended Surfaces:

  • Painted surfaces
  • Chrome

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