• Stoner Tarminator Tar Remover 14 oz

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Tarminator breaks down the complex molecules found in tar and other sticky materials. This unique Micro Active cleaning technology gives Tarminator unequalled ability to remove even "baked-on" tar, grease, sap, and asphalt.

Tarminator is the fastest and easiest way to remove difficult road grime. Best of all, it's specially formulated to clean quickly without harming paint, clearcoats, and other finishes. Simply spray it on, and wipe surfaces clean.


  • For best results, wash vehicle with soap and water before using Tarminator. This will prevent rubbing excess dirt and grit over the paint finish.
  • Spray Tarminator into a soft, clean cloth. Gently wipe a Tarminator-soaked cloth over pre-washed surface to lift and remove tar, sap, grease, and asphalt. For difficult residue, reapply or spray directly onto surface and let Tarminator penetrate for a few minutes before wiping.
  • Wipe or rinse surfaces after use to remove excess cleaner. Helpful hints from the pros: Tarminator is virtually harmless to most painted surfaces and automotive trim. However, it is a powerful cleaner which can be harmful to some plastics, adhesives, decals, or solvent-sensitive materials. Before using, always test for compatibility in a small, out-of-sight area. Avoid over application which can run and drip onto sensitive materials.