• Stoner Wheel Cleaner 16 oz

  • $8.99

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Hard-Working Wheel Cleaner to Maintain Your Top Performance.

Fast-acting foaming gel formula targets and extracts brake dust, grease, oil and road grime leaving a high-gloss finish.

  • Fast and easy to use! Just spray, brush and hose down.
  • Concentrated cleaning targets brake dust, grease, oil and road grime.
  • Rinses clean for high-gloss finish.
  • Safe for all types of tires, wheels, rims and hubcaps.

Regular cleaning of tires, wheels and wheel wells is an essential step in improving vehicle appearance and performance. Stoner Wheel Cleaner’s advanced formula quickly penetrates deep within hard-to-reach areas to target the toughest grime and rinses spot-free for a high-gloss finish.