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This specially formulated, heavy duty cleaner is used to thoroughly clean tires and rubber floor mats. Old silicone dressings and mold release on new tires MUST be removed prior to applying TUF SHINE Tire Clearcoat. Safe for all wheels and paint when used as directed. Do not apply to hot surfaces or in direct sunlight. Never allow cleaner to dry on surface.

TUF SHINE Tire Cleaner Instructions


Note: The cleaner is generally safe for most wheels and mild compared to wheel cleaners. In rare instances, it may cause minor spotting on some uncoated aluminum wheels. These can be polished out. Always test a small area first and clean only cool tires and wheels. Do not use in direct sunlight or allow cleaner to dry on wheels. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning.

Any dirt, residue or silicone from previous tire dressings must be removed or they will show through and may cause FLAKING and BROWNING of the TUF SHINE Tire Clearcoat finish.

DO NOT clean tires in direct sunlight or when the tires are hot. Spray cleaner on tire and allow to stand for 30 to 60 seconds. DO NOT ALLOW CLEANER TO DRY ON WHEELS OR PAINT. Wet a bristle scrubbing brush and scrub tires thoroughly, working the cleaner into lather. REPEAT this process a second or third time for extremely dirty tires. The suds should appear white when the tire is properly cleaned. Remember, TUFSHINE Tire Clearcoat will stick to rubber, but it will not stick to silicone from old dressings. Investing extra time cleaning will yield excellent results. The tire should be CLEAN and BLACK, whitewalls/letters should be BRIGHT WHITE. Use this cleaner for initial cleaning only. After TUF SHINE Tire Clearcoat is applied, harsh cleaners are no longer necessary. Wash the tires with the same solution that is used on the paint, using a wash mitt or soft carwash brush.

Caution: May cause minor spotting on some uncoated aluminum wheels. These can be polished out. With TUF SHINE Tire Cleaner, you only clean the tires once with the cleaner to prep the tire. Do not use after TUF SHINE Tire Clearcoat is applied. Click on "Tire Cleaner Instructions “on this website for more information.

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