• TufBuf Black Natural Lambswool Polishing Pad 6"

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Engineered to repair clear coat finishes, these premium pads are made from the finest natural shearling lamb hides available. The natural fibers of these pads are tapered with scales that cover each fiber shaft - nothing could be better for your paint finishes! Automotive professionals ask for them by name!

  • Leaves clear coat finishes with less swirl or scratches than conventional wool or synthetic pads
  • More durable, fibers can be compressed and still recover their natural shape
  • The dense pile of the pad applies and distributes compounds more evenly
  • Made using the densest pile: 60,000 fibers per square inch
  • Less shedding - meaning - less contamination
  • Washable and re-useable
  • Made with loop backing for easy on and off attachment to your back-up pad
  • Available in a variety of sizes with 3/4" thick nap of wool, 1 pad per unit