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Finally, an interior cleanser that is good for all interior surfaces! Ultima Interior Shampoo Gel uses unique cleaning technology, not harsh detergents, to loosen and dissolve all soil so it can be safely and easily wiped away leaving your vehicle's interior clean and fresh!

Ulitma Interior Shampoo gently cleans all interior surfaces without harmful effects. No harsh detergents are used, making this product safe for even leather! Ultima Interior Gel uses a unique cleaning technology that loosens and dissolves all manner of soils so that it can be safely wiped away. Apply with Ultima Interior Sponge and use Ultima Interior Guard Plus to protect your freshly cleaned interior.

Key Benefits

  • Gently and safely cleans all interior surfaces
  • No-rinse cleanser. Dirt and residue simply wipes away
  • Will not remove the natural sheen of fine finishes
  • Dries in minutes leaving a fresh clean scent


  1. Remove all loose dirt by vacuuming.
  2. For best results, apply Ultima Interior Shampoo Gel using the firm "scrubbing" sided of the Ultima Interior Sponge.
  3. On leather, vinyl, and plastic, apply Ultima Interior Shampoo Gel to the sponge and work in a small area at a time.
  4. The rich cleaning formula will soften soil so it can be gently wiped away with a clean microfiber detailing towel.
  5. Wipe away excess cleaner before it dries.
  6. On cloth, spray directly on fabric and wipe with a damp, white cloth.
  7. Stubborn stains may require agitation with a soft brush.
  8. Rinsing with water is not necessary.
  9. Allow to dry completely before applying Ultima Interior Guard Plus.

Note: Heavily soiled areas may require agitation with a soft brush. It is recommended to apply an interior protectant after cleaning such as Ultima Interior Guard Plus.

Recommended Surfaces

  • Leather interior surfaces
  • Vinyl interior surfaces
  • Plastic interior surfaces
  • Wood interior trim


Ultima Interior Shampoo Gel, 22 oz.

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