Victoria Wax Collectors Yellow Wax 3 oz


It's not so much the shine but the absorbing illusion of depth, clarity and crystalline that Collectors Yellow Wax shouts out. A wax that is easier to work with by bare hand application or perfect with an applicator. The formula for Collectors Yellow Wax has been developed with more solvent and oils to facilitate a more easier application and buffing period. At Victoria Wax we would recommend Collectors Yellow Wax to anyone who is in the business and time is important. It is very hard to go wrong with Collectors Yellow Wax. Just one container will provide many years of enjoyment and gratification. The secret ofthis wax is in the exotic look of depth and richness visible after multiple thin coats of this great wax has been applied.

Between each fresh thin coat always allow enough time for each coat to cure (at least one hour). Buff each coat of wax, and once after each application of wax (2 to 3 minutes wait) and just before the next application. It is best to dothis out of the reach of harmful direct sunlight and airborne contaminants.

*Collectors Yellow Wax is only to be used on new or well maintained finishes.  Anything else and it will be a waste of time and wax. Again, apply Collectors Wax to a clean, dry, cool surface using bare hands to work-in and spread thinly. Allow wax to come to a haze and buff to a deep rich finish. Follow with a second and third coat for even a more gorgeous look. For maximum protection keep 2, 3, or more coats of wax on the finish at all times. *Collectors Yellow Wax is an exotic blend of pure # 1 Yellow Carnauba wax blended with other waxes and a small amount of natural oils all heated together with a very safe VOC solvent. lowest VOC solvents. Storage of car care products should be at room temperature, 'not too hot or too cold' and out of direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure of any Victoria Wax's product to extremely sensitive skin and/or pre-existing skin conditions may cause redness or irritation with some people. If that occurs, thoroughly wash the area with a mild soap and discontinue using.