Victoria Wax Mayhem Neutral Wax 6 oz


Mayhemis close to our favorite carnauba wax formula but with an added strength ofpolymers. The original formula is based on raw materials from natural sourcesfortified with polymers. To comply with the ever growing environmental andHuman issues only one lower than average VOC solvent is used as the carrier. Nodyes or aromas have been used that would mask a toxic chemical smell. Basicallythere is nothing in the formula that couldn't be found in higher concentrationsat any department store's cosmetic counter. Mayhem has a touch of polymersadded to the formula compared to Chaos which has considerably more.

Mayhemis affordable and available in different size selections and would make a greatcandidate to anyone's collection of last step products. The use of a non-abrasivepre-wax-cleaner is recommended before applying Mayhem for the first time. Andthree quick coats of Mayhem seems to have the best effects. Each coat doesn'thave to be done one after the other at one time but spread out to better suit apersons time. A good knowledge of paint correction, preparation, andmaintenance is extremely useful. With a good understanding of the causes ofthings that damage a vehicle's finish regarding contaminates and UV ray damagewould make this product a good choice for any person.