• Victoria Wax Super Soap 8 oz

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Super Soap was designed to gently removecontaminates and lifeless oxidized wax from vehicle surfaces while increase thenatural brilliance, gloss and clarity every time it is used. A highlyconcentrated blend of surfactants, cleaners, UV blockers and static resistancesthat actually conditions and enhances the gloss of painted vehicles each timeit is used. Does not contain detergent, alkalines or acids.

Special water-basedlubricants prevents the grit and grime from scratching the surface during thewashing ritual. A unique fast developing foaming agent has been added toproduce long lasting, dirt removing sudsing action. Rinses easily andcompletely, leaving a non-spotting, non-filming, streak-free, just detailedlook. For extra perfection, use a few 100 % Cotton Towels or Waffle WeaveMicrofiber Towels to gently dry the finish so the vehicle will look almost toogood to be true, but really is.

Special Note: Super Soap is recommended for usewith all Smoothing Claybars. Add one teaspoon of Super Soap to 32 ounces ofwater in a spray bottle is all that is needed for streak free Claybarsmoothing. Storage of car care products should be at room temperature, 'not toohot or too cold' and out of direct sunlight.

Dilution: one capful added to 3 gallons luke warmwater, activate sudsing action with high pressure water hose nozzle.