• waxaddict Bike Wax Frame Coating 10 ml

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An advanced liquid wax that coats your bike frame in a low friction hydrophobic skin becoming ultra water repellent & dirt resistant. Application takes just 2-3 minutes and then your ready to ride the coating keeps your frame cleaner for longer and makes it much easier to clean.

Most dirt and grime will be removed with a low pressure hose with no need for degreasers or strong detergents.

The 10ml coating will treat one full bike frame and comes supplied with an alcantara cloth.


  • Apply on clean and dry paintwork. Spread using a small amount on the cloth provided.
  • Allow 1-2 mins to cure and remove with a microfibre cloth.
  • Wash with a pH7 shampoo or spray (such as slicksuds) with cool/warm water.
  • Heavy detergents and degreasers are not required and if used will strip the coating.