• waxaddict Pure Shampoo 17 oz

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This is no ordinary car shampoo, this is an extremely pure blend containing only the finest grade oils and surfactants. We don’t use thickeners, salts or bulking agents, we simply use more of the good stuff!  

This is a dedicated shampoo and doesn’t contain any gloss enhancers or wax, the pH7 blend is very gentle yet powerful enough to remove road grime safely without harming your wax coating.


  • Pre rinse the vehicle. Pour 15-25ml into a 20ltr bucket and fill with warm (not boiling hot) water.
  • Agitate to suit. Wash with a wash pad or mitt, using a second bucket of clean water to dip and rinse away dirt particles in between each application.
  • Don’t over scrub or use pressure, let the pad/mitt glide and lift the surface grime.
  • Rinse well and dry as normal.