• Waxaddict QD Quick Detailer 17 oz

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A quick detailer can be a safe way to remove light dirt and dust. Our blend uses a mix of water, wax and surfactants which lubricate as you wipe safely removing the contamination.

The formula also lays down a top layer of wax which will add further gloss and freshen up water beading.


  • Only use on standing dust, fingerprints, and light dirt & contamination.
  • Fingerprints: Mist lightly onto the surface, use a clean microfibre to wipe away and buff.
  • Light dirt: Spray onto the surface then use a folded damp cloth to wipe away. Use another clean side of the cloth to re-wipe and re-fold to continue.
  • Always wash dirty cloths before re-using.  
  • Don’t over buff, or use pressure. Don’t over-use on glass.