• Wurth Rubber Care Silicone Free 12oz

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Wurth brings the multi-faceted Rubber Care to the US—a versatile, all-in one spray for all your rubber needs. Paint-friendly Wurth Rubber Care can be wiped off your paint if overspray occurs. Guards rubber against the damaging effects of heat and aging.

Cleans—Lifts wax and other substances safely from your rubber.

Protects—Coats and penetrates for longevity. Keeps rubber from fading, drying, dulling, cracking, and brittleness. Rubber remains supple and stick-free, the way it’s meant to be. Will not freeze in harsh winter temperatures.

Nourishes—Restores fragile, weak rubber.

Replenishes—Brightens dulled colors on contact!

Wurth Rubber Care has multiple applications. Use freely on plastic trim, bumpers, rubber seals on doors, seals and windows to help them keep their resilience. Protects car tires, rubber floor mats, pedal rubbers, and rubber inserts.

To use: Spray evenly onto clean, dry surfaces. Wipe window and door seals with a moistened cloth.

12 fl oz