• Wurth Windshield Wash Additive 250ml

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Wurth Screen Wash Additive is a cleaner and antifreeze for your windshield. Regular use prevents the freezing of your windshield and headlight washer systems. This is vital in cold weather to keep your windshield clear of frost, ice, salt, and oil. Calcium inhibitors prevent deposits that cloud your visibility. Your windshield stays clean and clear no matter what the conditions are outside.

Just mix Wurth Screen Washer Additive with water according to the directions and pour it in your washer fluid tank. Overspray will not affect your paint, lens covers, or rubber gaskets. The citrus-scented additive prevents freezing down to -22°F when mixed accordingly.

By adding Wurth Screen Wash Additive to your washer fluid, your windshield washer system will not freeze in adverse weather conditions and stubborn winter contaminants will wipe away easily. Keep your windshield crystal clear year-round with Wurth.

250 ml