einszett was founded in 1936 in the city of Köln (Cologne), Germany by Werner Sauer Sr. who believed it was possible to create a better polish than what was currently available.

Mr. Sauer stood apart from his competitors based on a simple philosophy that remains until this day: produce a premium quality formula without compromises and offer excellent service. Mr. Sauer named his successful formula einszett (translated as "1Z") based on the number-letter designation assigned to car license plates registered in Köln.

It wasn't too long when the product range had expanded into a complete line of car care products for end-users, professional detailers, paint and body shops, and factory use.

einszett remains a private firm owned and operated by the Sauer family. The company may have grown since the early days but the philosophy hasn't changed and the company is still a small crafter at heart. While we may be smaller relative to other car care product companies, it remains our advantage allowing us to be innovative and remain focused on the original mission.