For more than 40 years, SCHOLL Concepts, located in Remseck Germany, which is close to Stuttgart, manufactures holistic, innovative car care and car maintenance systems for the automotive repair- and paint industry.  The development of high end micro polishing compounds is just one of  SCHOLL Concepts’ man core competences. These micro polishing compounds enable easy and durable removal of holograms on dark finishes.

Using the SCHOLL Concepts unique all-round 1-step nano-compound S17, you are able to remove P2000 grit sanding marks in less than 15 seconds.
Holograms and milk surfaces on sensitive dark paints are challenging to remove. With the same all-round compound S17 these can be easily and efficiently removed, to obtain a high quality, long lasting finish. In fact, more than 90% of all finishing work on new paint surfaces can be done usingonly the S17 1-step nano-compound.

Even for the highly challenging, new generation of scratch resistant clear coat paint systems, SCHOLL Concepts plays a leading and innovating role. No other manufacturer can currently offer a full polishing system for these clear coat paints that is capable of a hologram-free finish at this high level.

Every day, our micro-cutting compounds P40, P27, S17 and S26 are used world wide by automobile manufacturers in their finishing lines. This is why,  every year, millions of new cars are delivered with excellent hologram-free finishes. SCHOLL Concepts’ steadily growing number of industrial clients endorses our dominant position in this highly demanding market.