Get ready for the lifestyle of a lifetime. High Definition Car Care is the new lifestyle for any car care professional, enthusiast, and novice. With our high end detailing products that gives spectacular results, you’ll want to “OD on HD”TM.

The world has changed. No longer is it acceptable to over-use or pollute world resources because it is convenient or economic circumstances allow us to do so. Smart thinkers Use less, Do more®.

In the world of cars and other personal transportation, proud owners want their vehicles to look perfect, but without complication or causing pollution. The answer is High Definition Car Care®


For the very first time, a line of car care products has been created that honors and respects the needs of the car, the car owner, and our environment. High Definition Car Care offers amazing results, with minimal time investment; yet the carbon foot print and environmental impact of our system is up to 66.6% less than traditional car care methods.


High Definition Car Care products are also more concentrated than traditional products, so you Use less, Do more®. Where possible and practical, we offer refill containers that are 100% recyclable. This allows you to reuse our convenient trigger bottle and sprayer again and again, reducing waste and cost.

No research goes unfinished. We are constantly improving our products and keeping tabs on future trends and government requirements.