Griot's Garage started out, quite conveniently, in a garage back in 1988. Being frustrated at the lack of high quality products to set up the perfect garage, whether that included the finest car care to take care of vehicles, or a concrete floor paint that didn't lift up when you drove over it, no one was offering it. Two years went by and I said, "I can't believe no one else is entering this market! Everyone seems to be excluding the guy that eats, sleeps and squanders his hard earned cash on cars... and there is no one there to offer high quality products to fan the flames of his passion!!!

So here we were, in 1990, selling everything an automotive enthusiast would want and items that they didn't even know existed! So in October 1990, we introduced to the catalog buying world, the first padded lay-down creeper. You probably find this hard to believe, but 21 years ago uncomfortable wooden creepers, with steel wheels that wouldn't roll over anything, was the norm! We also offer non-lifting garage floor paint, environmentally friendly car care, and unique, quality tools from Europe that were unavailable here in the States.

From the very beginning, we focused on quality. We had a lifetime guarantee on everything we sold so everything, and I mean everything, had to be well made. If the idea was good, but fell short on the quality, we would ask the manufacturer to make improvements to the product. When it came to our car care products I decided early on that we would make our own. That decision continues today from product development through bottling. That is how we control the quality of our car care that arrives in your garage.