Our company’s products were originally formulated by George Pavlisko Sr. for ACTUAL RESTORATION purposes, not for commercial gain. Our products actually work and have been used on many of the world’s finest and rarest automobiles, antiques, and for personal use by many experts in the field of leather care and restoration. We were good enough for Eastern Airlines (remember them?) The Smithsonian since about 1970 not just last year. The Henry Ford Museum, The old Harrah Collection when Bill was a family friend and The Jack Nethercutt Collection who was also a friend of George P. Pavlisko. We still make custom dye for a few of the Stars including Jeff Foxworthy. A Few rock stars for their stage equipment (guitar straps and such).

George Pavlisko Jr. has continued the tradition of customer service and concern for each of our client’s projects. We are always available for technical questions, and we care about our auto interiors, furniture, and leather apparel just as you do, and know from experience the best way to treat and care for your leather items.

Our products are the “original” and “Simply the Best for Leather” as dubbed by the RROC in 1968. George Pavlisko Jr. continues research and development to always keep our products cutting edge and “the best”. We aren’t second rate imitators who have sprung up as a result of the internet.