Meguiar's Mirror Bright

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The Mirror Bright Polish Company was founded in 1901 by Frank Meguiar, Jr. to perfect the finishes on fine furniture and the newly introduced automobile. The passion continues today with a special line of products that protect and accentuate automobile finishes, derived from over 110 years of experience, research and development.

The distinctive bottles hearken back to our early days with glass bottles and metal screw off tops. Today's bottles might be plastic, but the metal screw off top is still with us, adding to that vintage feeling. With a craft made look and feel these premium products can help the next generation car guy easily choose a line of products that will address virtually every aspect of basic car care, while providing premium performance in all segments. For those experienced in car care, this line offers some unique performance characteristics that you will find not only appealing, but highly effective. Not merely repackaged or "tweaked" formulations of existing products, each product in the Mirror Bright line is a "clean sheet of paper" formula aimed at both premium performance and a premium user experience.