Microfiber Madness is a German supplier of what are quite simply the plushest, softest, highest quality microfiber towels currently available anywhere in the world.

Microfiber Madness is setting new standards for car care in terms of microfiber cloths. This has been since the beginning of the credo of Microfiber Madness. The small start-up took over 1 year of development time until the first microfiber cloth satisfied all quality requirements and the critical auto attendants could be presented.

Those looking for cheap mass-produced goods from China in anonymous packaging should look elsewhere.  All Car Care Microfiber cloths of Madness were developed individually according to their own ideas. The production takes place consciously in Korea, since not only the quality level is higher than in China, but also the working conditions / pay levels are much better! The products undergo a quality check to TRIPLE it in high quality, and come in resealable bags including individually designed "package inserts".