The Federal Republic of Germany, located in the heart of Europe, has long been at the very center of automotive history.  In fact, the story of the automobile began in Germany in 1896 when Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, working independently, invented the world's first motor cars.

It was this kind of quality that BIS Smartparts set out to find when it opened its doors in the early '80s.  The result of that search was a product line that has come to stand for excellence here on the North American continent...P21S Auto Care Products.   Immediately upon their introduction in 1984, P21S products quickly gained the universal respect of the motoring public.  This respect stemmed not only from the way they worked, but the fact that many of the worlds' most respected automakers had given them their stamp of approval.  This meant that a person purchasing a P21S product for the first time could count on the fact that "the pros" had already "pre-tested" these fine products.

Since 1984, the P21S product line has been expanded significantly.  What has not changed is the commitment to world-class quality.  P21S still stands for "factory approved" automotive care of the highest caliber, made for people who know quality when they see it.  You don't have to own a German-made automobile to appreciate these products either, just a vehicle you think is worth taking care of.   If you do, we think you'll feel that spending a bit more on P21S products represents a worthwhile investment.  By sampling our wares, you'll be able to better understand why P21S products have become so widely accepted.