Well-Worth Products, Inc. was started in 1997 as a premier chemical product line for the professional technician. Due to our extensive experience and knowledge of this market, we were able to bring to our customers over 50 quality product formulations within our first year of business.  Since then, our product line has grown to over 300 products and today we are recognized as a leader not only in quality aerosol products, but also car detailing products, fuel system products and diesel products. Because of our technical knowledge, high level of service, professional formulations and competitive pricing, our customer base has grown through-out the United States and Canada. In addition, our product line has grown and changed to accommodate the needs of the customers we service.

Not only did the owners of Well-Worth Products want to offer the professional the "Guaranteed Best Value in the Marketplace" they also wanted to offer an individual with an entrepreneurial spirit the opportunity to own their own business.  And in fact, Well-Worth has been built on just that premise, independent business owners (or distributors) throughout the country now depend on the Well-Worth product line for their livelihood. As we continue to grow we offer our distributors more and better support, training, and products.