Auto Finesse

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Auto Finesse was founded for the sole purpose of taking automotive care to a new level. Based in Hertfordshire we now offer a wide range of products and services, both from our range of car care products and our detailing services. For our services we have our own well equip detailing workshop from where we detail vehicles to perfection, this is also where we test & trail all of our latest products in “real world situations”. From our factory we not only produce and package our products but also we ship from our well stocked warehouse our range all around the world to retail partners, dealers, resellers and our ever-growing distributor network. But all this is a long way from our early roots. We were established in 1999 as “JB’s” with just a mobile valeting service. Since then we have gone from strength to strength in the field of auto detailing & preparation through a passion for our work, an investment in equipment, training, and also because of an uncontrollable urge to attain the ultimate finish. This has gained us an enviable reputation and placed us at the top of the game within the detailing industry today.

The latest progression for Auto Finesse has been the new line of detailing products brought to the market, hand made waxes and gentle cleaning solutions designed & developed through our experience as professional car care experts over the last 12 years. All of these have been formulated specially for us with quality, usability and effectiveness as the main criteria, testing both in house and “real world” detailing situations we have created what we believe to be the very best products specifically for detailers, by detailers.