Leather Master is a line of premium leather care products developed in Italy by world-renowned scientist Dr. Leo Tork. Dr. Tork is one of the world’s foremost research scientists in the field of leather and natural home care products.

Leather Master products offer unbeatable care and protection for high use leathers, like car seats and motorcycle seats. Plus, Leather Master includes specialty products to deal with unique leather conditions, like ink stained leather or overly dry leather.

All Leather Master products are developed in Italy and packaged and shipped all over the world. The worldwide success of Leather Master and the respected expertise of Dr. Tork are testament to the effectiveness of Leather Master products. They’re not only effective; they’re practical for every car owner to use.

Leather Master products are based on a thorough understanding of the different types of leather. You’ll see that each product or kit states what types of leather it can be used on: aniline/noncoated leather or protected/coated leather. Always use the appropriate products for your vehicle’s leather.

Try Leather Master in your own vehicle to see how easy it is to maintain the beauty of leather seats when you have the right products.