In 1990, Steve (aka Poorboy) was a traveling salesman of sorts with 15 years experience in detailing, taking his distributorship of detailing products on the road, touring with the street rod and classic car circuit. Each weekend he and his girlfriend Judy (now his wife!) would set out in his '67 Caddy Convertible with a trunk full of his favorite products to offer to the competitors of the show. They would launch their road trip on a wish and a prayer, hoping to make enough money to cover the trip. Steve steadily built a reputation for his vast knowledge of products, which ones performed best under which situations, and which ones would deliver the results that a particular customer was after. He had fifteen years of professional detailing under his belt and prided himself on being helpful and honest to his customers. As the years went by he became an authority to the guys on the circuits because they knew that Steve would never steer them wrong. Though not very lucrative, Steve continued working the circuit out of his love of the lifestyle and the great people that he developed a relationship with over the years.

The street rod and classic car shows take place mostly in the summer months in a wide open area or field. Throughout the duration of the show the car must be maintained absolutely spotless--ready to be judged at any time. Amazingly, the street rods, classics and antique cars that compete on the circuit range from a $20,000 to $200,000 out- of-pocket investment. Some of the high-end street rods also boast the most advanced paints and most expensive paint jobs anywhere, costing $30,000 to $100,000! Ironically, street rodders and classic car owners are not a wealthy group, but they proudly invest every penny they have into their car. Steve decided to create the perfect product for the guys on the circuit based on their wishes, needs and requests. The bottom line for Steve's products: Economy, ease of use, and application for direct sunlight. And, of course, show- worthy results!

August of 2002, Poorboy's World™ Inc. was born. Steve debuted it at the Wheels of Time street rod show in Macungie, PA. The product was a sell-out! Because he was well-known and respected on the circuit, the street rodders rushed to buy his product. It was a sell-out and good old Steve was, to say the least, overwhelmed. Word traveled quickly and Poorboy's World™ Inc. products were an instant hit on the street rod and classic car circuit.

From there, as they say, it's history. Steve continues to add to his line with new, unique products made on request of his customers. They say, "I need a product that is like (brand name) but not so sterile, with a finish like (brand name) but easier to apply and longer lasting," and Steve and his chemist work at it until they get it right. How's that for customer service!