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Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Ultra-Cut Compound (#105) is one of Meguiar's most popular compounds featuring the latest Super-Micro Abrasive Technology. Ultra-Cut Compound removes 1200 grit and finer sanding marks quickly and easily, leaving your paint with a best in class finish. Ultra-Cut Compound is also great for removing scratches, defects, acid rain and severe swirls/holograms. The Super-Micro Abrasive Technology allows Ultra-Cut Compound to work without the need to properly break down, making it a very versatile and easy to use compound. Although Ultra-Cut Compound finishes very nice, the best finish is achieved by following it with Meguiar's Ultra Finishing Polish (#205).
Like most Meguiar's Mirror Glaze products, Ultra-Cut Compound is body shop safe and VOC compliant.

Directions: Shake Well. Ultra-Cut Compound can be used with a high-speed rotary polisher, dual-action polisher, random orbital polisher, or by hand.

Rotary: Working with a small section at a time, apply Ultra-Cut Compound directly onto a cool, properly cured surface. Using a primed foam or wool cutting pad, work Ultra-Cut Compound with steady overlapping passes with the buffer set to 1500-2000 rpm's until defects and scratches are removed. Wipe off any remaining residue with a microfiber polishing cloth.

D/A or Random Orbital Polisher: Apply Ultra-Cut Compound directly to a foam pad. With your polisher turned off spread Ultra-Cut Compound across a small section (2'x2'). Using the polisher set to medium-high speed, make 2-3passes with moderate pressure, then follow with 2-3 more passes with light to no pressure. Wipe off remaining residue with a microfiber polishing cloth.

Hand: Apply a small amount of Ultra-Cut to a Foam Hand Applicator. With little to no pressure spread Ultra-Cut Compound to a small section (2 x2). Holding the Foam Hand Applicator in your palm, apply steady medium pressure and work Ultra-Cut until defects are removed. Wipe off the remaining residue with a microfiber polishing cloth.

Although Ultra-Cut compound can be used by hand, the results are not as dramatic when used with a machine polisher.

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