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    It is with regret we wish to inform you that just shy of 80 years, einszett Autopflegesysteme of Germany is closing its doors. What started as a local company started by Werner Sauer, Sr. in 1936 with the goal of producing a better car polish, has flourished into a worldwide global brand. However, on the heels of an economic downturn in Europe, Werner Sauer, Jr. the current CEO of einszett, decided to retire. With no heir to take over the company, he felt it was best to close its doors.

    In response, many of the key members of einszett, including the lead chemist and his team, have decided to come together to rebirth the company. The founders have come up with a new name to reflect the desire to take einszett to the next level: nextzett.

    With help in the form of resources and manufacturing capabilities, the founders are teaming with BHB, a privately held train and commercial vehicle wash plant manufacturer. BHB has been an einszett partner for several years and has the capability to assist in the building of the new company. Manufacturing will return to its roots with production moving back to Germany near the city of Bensberg (Cologne).

    We are excited by this new chapter as it means an opportunity to develop new products and improve the current line. The founders of nextzett will maintain the products our customers have come to know and love such as Cockpit Premium, Gummi Pflege, Kristall Klar, Plastic Deep Cleaner, W99, Ultra Gel and Klima-Cleaner while improving on polishes and waxes.

    Olde Town Auto Spa will continue to sell einszett products and will introduce nextzett at the start of 2016.

    Please refer below to the provided FAQ list.

    Questions and Answers:

    Who is starting nextzett?

    Several of einszett’s long-time employees, including lead chemist, have come together along with einszett partner BHB, a privately owned, premium manufacturer of train and commercial vehicle wash plant systems. The founders will operate and direct the company while BHB provides the resources and manufacturing facilities to produce nextzett products.

    Why the name change?

    It was important to define the next chapter in the einszett story and to have a name that worked on a global scale. While the company name and logo will change, the product names will not. The names of products like Cockpit Premium, Gummi Pflege, Klima Cleaner, W99 and Kristall Klar will remain as is.

    Will the formulas change?

    No. The founders of nextzett understand how important this is to einszett customers which is why they are leaving everything intact. With greater resources and a greater knowledge base now at hand, you can expect products to be taken to the next level with improvements and new products added to the range - especially in areas where we have fallen short of expectations. 

    When will the changes take place?

    You will begin to see the nextzett brand name at the start of 2016. In the meantime, we will continue selling einszett branded products.

    What kind of changes can we expect to see?

    In the immediate future, the only changes you will see is the logo and brand name change. In 2017 and beyond, expect to see a new range of products including new polishes and sealants as well as other products that were not available through einszett

    Will there be any supply interruptions?

    We have been assured that every effort will be taken to minimize interruptions but we can’t guarantee that. Olde Town Auto Spa will do its part by flying in product when possible to minimize any possible setbacks.

    Will there be changes to the packaging?

    Not initially, but this may change. Their commitment to producing the best product will always take priority.

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