• Aqua-Buff 2000 32 oz

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This is a polishing compound to remove slight oxidation, eliminate small scratches and achieve the ultimate swirl free showroom shine ready for wax. Specifically designed for rotary buffing machines, it can be used on fiberglass boats, aluminum boats, RV's and airplanes. Easily applied with applicator pad, misted with water, and machine buffed with rotary buffing machine with at least 2500 rpm. It is economical because you only need half the amount compared to other compounds. It is a water-based compound and therefore environmentally friendly. 

Aqua Buff 2000 is a great choice for removing sanding scratches from gelcoat, and for creating a great shine on gelcoat or Duratec.   A versatile product Aqua Buff 2000 is strong enough for most uses and provides a shiny finish.  

Aqua Buff is environmentally friendly, made from tallows and natural grits, mixed with water for easy use.  Aqua Buff Products are economical to use and inexpensive to buy.

The Aqua Buff products do not contain solvents, waxes or polymers that obscure the true surface.  Aqua Buff naturally cools the surface as it is polished, preventing burn-through and distortion.


  1. Spread Aqua-Buff 2000 Compound and Polish on the surface to be compounded with a brush or cloth, several square feet at a time–using one-half the normal amount–and mist the surface with water.
  2. Immediately machine buff with a clean, damp lamb’s wool-type pad.
  3. Repeat the process to eliminate scratches from exceptionally hard surfaces. (Or if you haven’t done so, first use or 1000-W Fast-Cut Compound).
  4. Should the compound become dry while being buffed, re-wet again by misting the surface with water.