• Finish Kare 146 Anti-Static Poly Wipe 31 oz

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This is a genuinely fantastic quick detailing spray that makes final detailing effortless.

Finish Kare have constructed this product using a blend of highly reflective Premium Polymer Resins, Anti-Corrosive Agents, UV Inhibitors, Mild Cleaners and Patented Anti-Static Agents. Just spray and wipe to get a clean, shiny, slick, and protected paint that resists dust! Polymer resins, anti-corrosive agents, and UV inhibitors boost the protection level of the existing wax or sealant while revving up the shine. Your vehicle will look just waxed in minutes. Finish Kare Anti Static Poly Wipe Finish Restorer Spray Detailer also contains mild cleaners to remove dust, smudges, light soil, oxidation, hard water spots, and bugs.

Finish Kare #146 Anti-Static Poly Wipe utilizes a sophisticated formula, which makes it possible to clean your vehicle and keep it clean with a simple 5 minute application. Just spray on, wipe over the surface, and wipe dry. The anti-static agents leave a slick finish which reduce dust attraction to minimize accumulation between washes.