• Flex Rotary Foam Pad 3"

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Flex Rotary Foam Pads are constructed using an open-cell design that increases longevity by reducing heat. Compared to a closed-cell design,Flex Rotary Foam Pads enable air to pass through them to cool the adhesives that are used to attach the backing material to the foam.Flex Rotary Foam Pads will not only out perform other foam pads of their type, but they’ll last longer as well.

FlexRotary Foam Pads are beveled to create a smoother buffing experience. The beveled design greatly reduces buffer hop by distributing the pressure outward. This makes it easier for the operator to ensure 100% of the face of the pad is making contact with the paint, reducing the chance of instilling holograms.

Pad Application by Colour:

  • Heavy Orange - This firm, dense pad is designed to remove swirl marks, scratches and oxidation. The firm composition is able to withstand pressure during extended polishing sessions.
  • Medium Green - Use this pad with swirl removers and finishing polishes to create a mirror finish.
  • Soft Black - The soft black pad is ideal for ultra-fine polishes. This pad is perfect for "jeweling" the finish to create the highest level of gloss possible.