• Menzerna 3 in 1 Cut, Gloss & Wax 32 oz

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The new “3 in 1” polish from Menzerna is unique in the world, fulfilling three wishes at once: Cut, gloss and protection.

Menzerna is the first to succeed in harmonizing the active ingredients of three different products so that “3 in 1” offers full performance where three polishes were previously required. “3 in 1” is a polish that removes 3000 grit sanding marks, guarantees a perfect high-gloss finish and seals the coating to repel dirt. Menzerna “3 in 1” covers the entire polishing process. Thanks to its ease of application and time savings, this polish is a true innovation and a highlight for professionals and polishing newcomers alike. This all-rounder is also 100 percent silicone-free, which means that painting over it does not present a problem.