• Olde Town Auto Foam Pad Cleaning Brush

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Clean and re-condition foam buffing pads with this cleverly designed brush.

The Olde Town Auto Spa HEAVY DUTY Conditioning Brush is specially designed to clean and preserve foam pads. Ergonomic shape makes it easy to apply to any high-quality pad. Tough construction stands up to constant use in your busy shop.

This brush cleans and restores the texture of foam buffing pads that have become caked with wax and polish.

Similar steel brushes made for cleaning wool pads cannot be used on foam. This Conditioning Brush is designed specifically for foam pads, but can be used on wool, too.

If you've got a big detailing job ahead of you, keep this Conditioning Brush handy. It will save you time by allowing you to buff or compound longer without changing the pad. Also use it to agitate pads when you are washing them. Just be sure to rinse the brush and let it dry before using it on a dry pad again.