• OTAS Polishing Pal Combo

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The Olde Town Auto Spa Polishing Pal Combo is an ergonomically shaped urethane handle that holds specially designed foam pads using hooks & loops. By gripping the handle instead of the pad, your hands don’t get so dirty and the shape of the Polishing Pal relieves hand strain. You can comfortably polish and wax your vehicle by hand without the fatigue you usually feel in your fingers.

The Olde Town Auto Spa Polishing Pal Combo is 3 ½ in diameter and 2 ¼ tall. It features a finger groove all the way around for a comfortable grip. The urethane is very sturdy, yet flexible enough to bend against the curves and contours of your vehicle. This material is virtually indestructible! Use it time and time again and it will not lose its shape or deteriorate. The hook& loop material is secured permanently to the urethane so you don’t have to worry about the pad falling off as you work.

The Olde Town Auto Spa Polishing Pal Combo comes with four 3.5 inch Polishing Pal Pads each designed to perform a particular step in the detailing process. You can almost duplicate the machine polishing experience by hand with the Polishing Pal and the included bonus pads!

OTAS Polishing Pal Combo includes:

  • 2 White Polishing Pads, 3.5 inches
  • 2 Red Wax/Sealant Pads, 3.5 inches