• Pinnacle Black Label Leather & Vinyl Coating 8 oz

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Black Label Leather & Vinyl Coating provides long-lasting protection on leather and vinyl interior surfaces. Packed full of UV-blocking nano-polymers, Leather & Vinyl Coating provides longer-lasting protection than traditional water and oil based interior protectants. Your vehicle’s leather and vinyl surfaces will be protected for months, not weeks, with Black Label Leather & Vinyl Coating. Hyper concentrated formula means a single 8 ounce bottle will yield up to 50 applications!

Pinnacle Black Label Leather & Vinyl Coating is a nano-polymer interior coating that protects treated surfaces against the damaging effects of moisture, oils and salt from skin, accidental spills, and more. Coated surfaces will be well protected against UV rays and other common contaminants that plague an interior from every day use. Use on dashboards, leather seats, and any other leather or vinyl surface that would benefit from superior protection. Coated surfaces will exhibit a low-gloss sheen that doesn’t attract dirt or dust.

In one simple step Black Label Leather & Vinyl Coating shields delicate interior components against the effects of UV rays, body oil, salt, and accidental spills. The coating is resistant to extreme temperatures, making it an ideal choice for vehicles parked outside in the sun. While the coating provides a durable barrier of protection, it doesn’t cause leather or vinyl surfaces to stiffen or harden; Leather & Vinyl Coating imparts a smooth, tactile feel on treated surfaces.

Black Label Leather & Vinyl Coating forms such a strong bond on leather surfaces that it resists abrasion and dye transfer from blue jeans.

Use Black Label Leather & Vinyl Coating on:

  • Leather
  • Vinyl
  • Plastic
  • Wood trim
  • Carbon fiber trim
  • Aluminum trim